Jesse J Bird

Marker Image/Sketch


There is a white marble footnote, chipped a bit on the 2 Norther corners. Measures 8 x 6 x 2.25" approximately. Piece of broken white marble near fence, not part of the marker. There is a piece of white marble unattached to the grave. It is the same thickness as the foot stone and appears to be the same material.

Biographical Data

"Bird, Jesse J. - June 2, 1831 - January 11,1920 at the age of 88 years from face cancer. He came to Alder gulch in 1864, placer mining then moved to ranching in the Ruby Valley, and married Elizabeth (?). He was a member of the Society of Montana Pioneers, the son of Benjamin and Lucy Bird, born in Virginia. He left for Montana from Illinois, crossing the plains to the Bozeman Cut off. (Madisonian Times January 16. 1920; Cemetery Section 1, Row C, Lot 1. stone read by Townshend, Ren)" [marker ID no longer valid]

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