Fredrick and Wilhelmena Hermsmeyer


This is the second marker in the Hermsmeyer family plot. It is the head family marker. There is some information provided by Evelynn on the people inscribed on the surface. This specific plot is a multiple person marker. The husband Fredrick on one side and n the other side wife Wilhelmena and son Dextras. This is a pointed arch die on base headstone that has two bases evident. The bottom granite base is slightly protruding on each of the four sides but has been worn. The upper base is sporting a pointed arch motif and has a rectangular box inscription. The top headstone portion is a pointed arch headstone and has an interesting motif of a second headstone outline with a recta style located on the SE front location. Also evident is the motif of a scrolled flower in each of the left and right corners of the pointed arch headstone and evident on all four sides.
The footstone for this is unmarked marble. This headstone is grouped into a family plot that has been distinctly walled and each marker has a headstone and a foot stone evident.. All headstones have multiple people buried wtihin the same plot.