Evan Batten

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Batten, Evan – September 21 1879 – January 21, 1945 at the age of 65 years, born in Wales the son of Geore [sic] and Anna (Evans) Batten. Evan Came to America about 1884 where he and a brother lived part of their early years at Uncle John and Aunt Emma Batten’s home in Nevada City.  Evan homesteaded as well as mining several claims. In 1903 he married Ethel Sarah Kingrey, the daughter of Richard and Laura Kingrey, together they had 2 children who both died by 1908. In 1929 they divorced, he moved to California in 1931 where he placer mined, then in 1932 he married Clinda [Clida] (Casey) Lusty who was 24 years younger than himself.  She had 3 children by a previous marriage and together they had two children. Moving back to Montana in 1938 where he continued to mine until he passed away in 1945 of silicosis. (Progressive Years page 9-10; Madisonian January 26, 1945; Cemetery Section 2, Row D Lot 5, Townshend, Ren)” [marker ID no longer valid]

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