Clida Batten

Marker Image/Sketch


Base is eroded around edges,
Well caved for family plot. Lichen (orange, black) on concrete base only bible on face of headstone is light granite, surrounded by darker granite. Concrete Base is weathered at corners. Headstone is rock hammered on ends - smooth on face, back and top.

Biographical Data

“Batten, Clinda [Clida] (Casey) Lusty – November 21, 1903 – March 2 1966, she was born in Arkansas, going to California where she worked for the Del Monte Cannery. She had been previously married having 3 children, she then married Evan Batten in 1932, he had divorced in 1929 from Ethel Batten. They moved to Montana in 1938, having 2 children, Evan died in 1945, she married a 3rd time to Richard J. Fristedt which ended in divorce. She was a janitor for Attorney frank Blair until she leased the Cornucopia mine to the Shute Brothers.  She finally quit work, moving to South Dakota where her daughter lived. (Progressive Years page 9-10; Cemetery Section 2, Row D, Lot 3, stone read by Townshend, Ren)“ [marker ID no longer valid]

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