Jonathan and Amelia Earp

Marker Image/Sketch


2 clearly sunken areas on N & S side of grave marker. Granite cobble enclosure still on south side of grave (indentations on South grave site). Radent activity at foot of Norther grave site.

Biographical Data

"Earp, Amelia - April 1861 in Ohio - August 25,1925, she was married to John (Jonathan) L. Earp, she was In the county Poor Farm, but after her husband died she was judged insane and sent to Warm Springs, she was sent back as not insane, she died about a year later. (Madisonian July is. 1924. Madisonian August 8 & 28. 1925; Cemetery Section 2. Row A, Lot 23. stone read by Townshend. Ren)" [marker ID no longer valid]

"Earp, Jonathan L. - born December 1848 - July 8,1924 from cancer of the face, neck, eye and jaw. He had been totally blinded while drilling at the Easton Mine about 1918, being hit by a piece of steel. He was married to Amelia, both living at the Poor Farm by 1920. They can be found on the 1900 census at Union, he was a miner and born in Illinois, still a miner In 1910 having been married about 25 years at that time. They had One Child in 1900 Still living. (Madisonian March 14& July 11. 1924; Cemetery Section 2, Row A, Lot 24, stone read by Townshend, Ren)" [marker ID no longer valid]

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