Emma W. Batten

Marker Image/Sketch


This is a pedestal tomb vaulted roof with 2 granite bases and 1 concrete base with the North Edge sunken into the ground. Base #2 is covered with a lot in the north side , some on east, and minimal everywhere else. Between pedestal and base where they meet is covered in lichen all around. Vertical words (etched areas) are not covered in lichen. Base #2 has family name only, Base #1 has her 1st name only and "wife of John Batten" and birth/death date. Footstone between quartz cobble border made of granite. Scattered vegetation, mostly dirt.

Biographical Data

“Batten, Emma W. (Griffith) – June 18, 1837 – September 3, 1901 at the age of 64 years from a paralysis. In 1877 she married John Batten from Wales. (Madisonian August 23, 1901, Progressive Years page 7; Virginia City Library Archive Obituary; Cemetary Section 2, Row A, Lot 15, stone read by Townshend, Ren)” [marker ID no longer valid]

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