William John Batten

Marker Image/Sketch


This is a granite headstone that has a polished face with rock hammered sides. Most etched parts are covered with lichen, with some lichen on North and East sides. There are etched flowers on the face between the word husband and his name. Most lichen is orange colored with a few peices being grey and yellow. There are signs of rodent disturbance at the foot of the grave. Scattered ground cover, but mostly dirt.

Biographical Data

Batten, William John - December 1,1877 - February 20, 1942 at the age of 64 years. "Husband". The son of George and Anna Batten and the brother of Evan. He came to the united states [sic] at the age of 7 years, living in Nevada City his entire life. He was a miner in the general area of Alder gulch. In 1930 he married Mrs. Margaret (?), Gilbert, Hagenberger (her 1st and 2nd husbands names), they met when she was a nurse and Bill was ill with rocky mountain spotted fever, she was buried in California. (Progressive Years page 8 - 9; Cemetery Section 2, Row A, Lot 13, stone read by Townshend, Gainer/Ren) [marker ID no longer valid]

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