Eunice R. Blackman

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This is a complex burial plot. At first look it appears to be an individual burial but perhaps representing a family burial. Based on evidence of a smaller headstone in front of main pedestal with a second inscription. Historical records provided by ........................, indicate background of this burial plot. Multiple base pedestalwith bulbous top that has been broken at top. That top piece has been cemented into base of small headstone. Concurrently to recording this information sandhill cranes flew overhead. This grave site is 18' from the next section to the west and 30' from perimeter fence.

Biographical Data

Blackman, Eunice R. - 1865 - 1865 "At Rest" (Cemetery Section I, row B. Lot 1; stone read by Townshend, Ren) Note: I believe her parents were George w. Blackman who was born October 23, 1839 - February 17, 1882/92 in Illinois. He was a farmer and a merchant, he married Augusta C. who was born August 8, 1839 in New York and died May 30,1914, they had 4 children but only 3 lived, they were George C. March 1867; Addie b. 1872; Charles S. 1875 - May 19.1918. The family is found at Virginia City in 1870; in Silver Star in 1880; by 1900 only Augusta and the son George at Rochester but the husband is not listed, the son Charles S. is living with an uncle in Choteau, then by 1910 Augusta Is listed as widowed with George and his daughter Thelma, however George is single, and they are at Silver Star, after that they must have left the area as are no longer listed on the census. (Charles S; George w. and Augusta were pioneers, buried in Silver Star) [marker ID no longer valid]

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