Fredrick Bottcher

Marker Image/Sketch


colorless curved bottle glass found about 24' from base, rock about 16' from foot stone
FLT in the chain is = Friendship , Love, and Truth
3 flowers, 3 vines on each side of the chain, flowers have 5 petals and vines have 5 circles

Biographical Data

Bottcher, Fredrick - March 25,1835 born in Prussia - June 1,1914 from heart attack living on Granite creek. Coming to the United States in 1856. He came to Virginia City in 1863/4 from Minnesota across the plains via Bridger route, to mine placer gold. In 1879 he moved to Granite Creek where he ran a truck farm. He married Gertrude Inman who had been previously married and she had a daughter, and they had 4 Children married 38 years . {Virginia City Library Archive Obituary; Madisonian June 5,1914; Society of Montana Pioneers; Cemetery Section 1, Row A Lot 3, stone read by Townshend, Ren)[marker ID no longer valid]

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